How can I display company members in a map?




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    AzAHQ Admin

    I am very happy to see this feature added to the basic functionality of Silkstart because it means I no longer have to use a 3rd party site/application to do this task.

    It appears that the mapping function is limited to companies and there is no capability to switch over to individual members.  Since companies themselves do not generally attend events, it is more helpful to AzAHQ, for event planning purposes, to know where the actual members reside.  This enables using the location concentrations to determine prime locations that facilitate member attendance.

    As usual, Silkstart has added functionality that is very helpful.  Keep up the good work/support.  I look forward to seeing this function expanded/enhanced.

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    SilkStart Support

    Hi there! Thanks very much for your comments  - you're correct that the map application only displays company profiles right now. Based on your association's activities, I can definitely understand how a geographical representation of individual members would be useful. Though we don't have any immediate plans to expand this feature, I'm happy to record your idea in our backlog so we can keep track of client interest. Thanks! 

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